Skywatcher AZ-EQ6GT Mounting

The Sky-Watcher AZ-EQ6GT is an exciting evolutionary development of the hugely successful NEQ6 PRO.

The AZ-EQ6GT is a dual purpose, fully functional computerised heavy-duty Go-To/Tracking astronomical mount in both Alt-Azimuth (AZ) and Equatorial (EQ) modes.
Supplied with a Synscan handset with dual AZ/EQ firmware, it can automatically find and track over 42,900 celestial objects from its database.

In EQ mode, the AZ-EQ6GT is designed for either visual use or precise astro-imaging.

In AZ mode, it is primarily intended for visual use, and in this mode, two telescopes can be mounted simultaneously in parallel.

A great feature of the AZ-EQ6GT is the patented dual-encoder technology. This allows the telescope to be moved manually in either axis without the mount losing its positional information. This gives the user enormous freedom, convenience and flexibility during observational sessions.

The Sky-Watcher AZ-EQ6GT.....a new legend is born!!

Technical Specs:

Payload Capacity: 25kg (EQ and AZ modes)

Tracking Accuracy: 0.1436 arc minutes

Go-To Capability: EQ and AZ modes
Synscan Handset Database: over 42,900 celestial objects
Tracking Speed: sidereal, solar & lunar rates
Tracking Mode: EQ or AZ, dual or single axis
PEC control in EQ mode
Autoguider Port : Yes
DSLR Electronic Shutter Release Port : Yes
Motor Type: DC12V stepper motors

Patented Dual-Encoder design allows manual movement without losing positional information
Polar alignment: via software control or supplied polar scope

Alignment methods: 1, 2 or 3 star alignment (EQ) / brightest star or 2 star alignment (AZ)

Telescope Connection: 2 x dual-fit saddle plates supplied accepting 45mm & 75mm dovetail bars

RA/DEC Worm Gears: D=92.5mm, 180 teeth, brass
RA/DEC Axes: D=40mm, steel
Tripod: 2 Stainless Steel
Counterweights supplied: 2 x 5kg
Counterweight Bar: 25mm Diameter
Mount Body Weight: 15.4kg, Tripod Weight: 7.5kg
Power requirement: 12V DC 3A (Sky-Watcher 17Ah Power Tank recommended)

Note: Two 5kg Counterweights supplied, not four as shown in main picture


Skywatcher HEQ5 Pro

The HEQ5 Skyscan Pro has been specially designed as a high precision mount for both small and larger telescopes.

It features engraved setting circles, a latitude scale, built in pole finder telescope and a retractable counterweight shaft.

The worm gears are pre-loaded with ball bearings for smooth tracking and slewing.

The Skyscan goto controller has a 13,400 object database including complete Messier,NGC and IC catalogues. The positioning accuracy is up to 1 arc minute and the Skyscan has both an autoguider socket and periodic error correction (PEC) for imaging without having to manually or autoguide.

Ian's Thoughts:

The hEQ5 Pro like its larger brother the EQ6 pro has proven to be an excellent budget choice for astro imaging and it tracks and guides very well and reacts well to being used with an autoguider.

Technical Specs:

HEQ5 Pro Mount
2 x 5KG counterweights
Illuminated Pole finder scope
Retractable counterweight shaft
Complete with dovetail
Skyscan goto controller
heavy duty tubular metal tripod
High quality quiet stepper motors with 800x slewing and 0.144 arc second resolution.


Skywatcher NEQ6 SynScan Pro Mounting -

The latest model NEQ6 Skyscan Pro mount is the next generation of professional quality mountings from Skywatcher.

Now features both standard Skywatcher 45mm Saddle Plate and enlarged Skywatcher 75mm Saddle Plate.

Featuring the a heavy duty EQ6 Pro mounting driven by the Synscan goto controller with it's built in 13400 object database.

The EQ6 Synscan Pro is easy to use and features a novice friendly menu system.

The mount includes engraved setting circles a latitude scale and an illuminated pole finder telescope. The retractable counterweight shaft aids portability.

The precision worms are pre-loaded with ball bearings for smooth tracking and slewing.

The mount also includes an autoguider socket and periodic error correction (PEC) for unguided imaging.

Ian's Thoughts:

We have tested quite a few EQ6 Pro Mounts now and have found the tracking and guiding quality to be very good for such a low cost mount. The EQ6 Pro works and reacts well to an autoguider and is an excellent budget choice for astro imaging with a wide variety of different scopes.

Technical Specs:

Power Supply: 12 VDC 2Amp
Motor Type: Microstep driven 1.8 stepper motors Resolution: 0.144 arc sec (or 9,024,000 steps/rev.)
Slew Speeds: 2X, 8X, 16X, 32X, 64X, 400X, 500X, 600X, 800X Gear Ratio:
Tracking Rate: Sidereal, Lunar, Solar.
Tracking Modes: Dual Axis, R.A. Tracking.
Alignment Methods: One-star Alignment, Two-star Alignment, Three-star Alignment.
Database: 25 user defined objects. Complete M, NGC, and IC catalogues. Total 13,400 objects.

Telescope Mounting: Tube Rings.
Mount Type: German Equatorial.
Tripod: 2in Diameter Stainless Steel Pipe.
Tripod Weight: 7.5Kgs
Tripod Height: 85-147cm.
Slow-motion Control: R.A. & Dec (motor controlled)
Counterweight Shaft Material: Stainless Steel.
Mount Weight: 16Kgs
Counterweight Shaft Daimeter: 1.8cm
Mount Height: 41cm


Skywatcher EQ5 Pro Synscan Goto Mount

The EQ-5 is well known as a decent budget mount with surprisingly good stability and tracking for a small mounting.

It is now available with the Skywatcher Skyscan goto controller and stepper motors to provide full goto performance and an autoguiding port.

This mount will be a good choice for portable imaging with a small APO or other short focal length telescope.

The very sturdy EQ5 Equatorial mount provides excellent precision and stability and a host of other useful features for the serious astronomer. The mount rests firmly on a large, adjustable stainless steel pipe tripod with accessory tray. Supplied complete with a bubble level, latitude adjuster with micrometer scale and an azimuth polar-alignment adjuster. It also features engraved aluminium setting circles and manual slow motion tracking controls. An optional polarscope is available for aiding in polar alignment.

Technical Specs:

Skyscan V 3 Handset
High Precision Stepper Motors
Micro Stepping
Slew Rate .5x to 800x Sidereal
ST4 Type Autoguider Interface
Backlash Compensation
Periodic Error Correction
PC Interface
1, 2 and 3 star ALignment
Pointing Accuracy up to 1 arc minute


Skywatcher V3 Skyscan Handset

Skywatcher PC Upgradeable SKyscan V3 Handset Upgrade.

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