ATIK 460 EX Monochrome and Colour CCD Camera

The Atik 460EX the next step in the astronomical CCD revolution. Featuring the latest generation
Sony™ EXview HAD CCD II™ technology in an area over twice as large than before.

This camera has an outstanding Quantum Efficiency, very low noise and excellent thermal management.

This model is an ideal match to telescopes commonly used by amateurs, up to bigger SCT’s and RC’s. It’s excellent sensitivity makes it one of the best cameras for deep-sky astrophotography, with unrivalled flexibility.

The Atik-4 Series cameras are a development of the renowned 3-Series cameras, featuring better cooling and narrower body. They benefit from set point cooling to make taking matching dark frames a snap, and simple 12V power requirement to facilitate field operation. The impressive sensitivity, great cooling and narrow profile, make the Atik Series 4 outstanding CCD cameras to use on modern telescopes, including Hyperstar/Fastar systems.

The Atik 460EX is the new standard for high performance. It’s excellent sensitivity provides impressive performance in both narrowband and LRGB techniques. “Faint fuzzies” are not so faint anymore and stay within reach of the amateur
astronomer, even with smaller instruments.

The 460EX is a state of the art camera engineered for you. Featuring the narrowest body in its
class, the Atik 460EX is one of the lightest cameras as well. But don’t think there was a compromise regarding cooling performance or
stability. Also, the sensor diagonal is big enough to satisfy the need for bigger sky coverage, but small enough to allow the use of 1.25” filters, even with fast f/2 systems.

Technical Specs:

Sensor Type Sony ICX694
Horizontal Resolution 2750 pixels
Vertical Resolution 2200 pixels
Pixel Size 4.54x4.54 μm
ADC 16 bit
Readout noise Typical 5e-
Interface Mini-USB 2.0
Power 12V DC, 1A
Cooler Regulated, ΔT= -25oC max
Weight 400g
Dimensions 60x121mm